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Up to Date - 9/2/2010
Designer Genes: A New Era in the Evolution of Man

In the most important revolution since Darwin, cutting-edge genetic science will soon allow us to speed up and transform our own revolution. What will happen when the forces of natural selection are replaced by the forces of human selection?

"Before long," writes Steven Potter, Ph.D., author of Designer Genes: A New Era in the Evolution of Man, "we will be able to choose the genes, and the traits, of our children."

Today Steven Potter and Glenn McGee, Ph.D., holder of the John B. Francis Chair in Bioethics at the Center for Practical Bioethics and founding editor of The American Journal of Bioethics discuss the science behind and ethical issues surrounding genetic selection, and the consequences of this new technology in terms of human evolution.

We examine the morality of choosing the genes of our children, and discuss a method for making designer gene children that does not require the sacrifice of embryos.

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