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Up to Date - 9/14/2011
KC Chamber Announces "Big 5" / KU Cancer Center Attempts to Gain NCI Designation

Everyone’s got ideas....sometimes very good ones. but what does it take to implement BIG ideas, especially ones that affect the entire Kansas City region?

Yesterday the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce announced its "Big 5" ideas for the metro: a world symposium on animal health, urban core redevelopment, becoming America’s most entrepreneurial city, build a new UMKC Conservatory of Music downtown...and others. Today we talk with the Chamber’s CEO Jim Heeter and its Chair, Greg graves, and hear listener reactions. Did they select the right “Big 5?” Are these goals achievable?

Also this hour – a conversation with the director of the KU Cancer Center. The Center submits its application for National Cancer Institute designation in just 11 days...and we find out what that really means...and if it really matters.

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