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Up to Date - 7/26/2011
Dr. Richard Payne on bioethics

Even though the budget debates have pushed health care reform to the back pages in recent weeks, court battles over the constitutionality of the legislation rage on, while health care providers, insurers, and employers are deep in the effort to figure out what the looming changes will mean for government, companies and patients alike.

But health policy experts continue to explore every effect of the approved changes, including issues in bioethics, particularly regarding the undeserved--on whom reforms might have the greatest impact. Many say that traditional approaches to medical ethics have not done enough to protect the underserved, which have sometimes been marginalized, undertreated or even ignored.

Today, Steve Kraske talks with Dr. Richard Payne of Duke University about how cultural narratives and diverse perspectives might need to be a more significant part of ethical decision-making. We'll explore the key bioethical issues facing minority communities, low-income patients and others who have not always had full access to the health care system. And we'll take your questions on how the values of the underserved can and should be represented in public discourse on health care.

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