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Up to Date - 10/27/2010
November 2 Ballot Questions, Propositions, and Constitutional Amendments

Puppy mills, the earning tax and voting rights for the mentally ill. Depending on which state you live in, one or more of these things will be on your ballot when you vote next week.

But with confusing legislative language, it can be tough to understand what these ballot initiatives will actually do.

Missouri Ballot Issues:

During the first half of the show, we’ll cover Missouri, with KCUR's Steve Bell, KRCU's Jacob McCleland, and The Kansas City Star's Jason Noble who talk about Proposition A (the earnings tax) Proposition B (puppy mill legislation) and three proposed constitutional amendments.

Judge Jay Daugherty of the 16th Judicial Circuit, Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri explains who all those judges are whose names you'll see on your long ballot - and explain why you should say "yes" to retaining them (unless, of course, you have a good reason for voting "no.")

Kansas Ballot Issues:

In the second half we'll examine two amendments on the Kansas ballot. Mark Wiebe, Director of Public Affairs for the Wyandot Center discusses a proposed amendment to eliminate a 1974 provision in the Kansas Constitution which allows the Kansas Legislature to prohibit mentally ill persons from voting. David Klepper of The Kansas City Star will explain a gun rights amendment on the ballot.

And of course, we'll take your calls to see what questions you have as you prepare to head to your polling place.
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