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Up to Date - 5/20/2010
Jeffrey Toobin on SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan / Weekend To-Do List

Is Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan qualified for the nation's highest bench?

Some think that Supreme Court justices need experience as judges; others argue that Elena Kagan, the current U.S. Solicitor General and former Harvard Law dean is one of the most qualified people nominated - and would need to simply brush up on a few court formalities.

Today Steve Kraske talks with CNN legal analyst and author Jeffrey Toobin about Kagan's nomination, her chances of confirmation, Kagan's policy towards "don't ask don't tell" and explore what cases may come in front of the court in coming years.

lso today - our weekend to-do list with Brian McTavish of KC Confidential. You'll find a list of his picks - also on our website.

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